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Helicopter Rides/Tours FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We can answer many of your questions by simple answering one, why should we choose you?

Advanced Flight has only highly experienced pilots that are also very knowledgeable tour guides.

There are no additional costs on top of the prices you see.

Our location is ideal. There is no point choosing a tour company that is close to you if they then have to fly you several minutes to reach the sights you want to see. From the moment you depart Torrance Airport the view is spectacular.

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How safe is it?

Very safe. We fly the Robinson R44 helicopter which has an excellent safety record and our pilots are highly experienced.

Is there an age limit?

No but a child under the age of two must be carried on a parents lap. Any children over two are required to have there own seat.

Is there a weight limit?

There is a 300lbs limit per seat.

Is there a maximum number or minimum number of passengers?

Our tours require a two person minimum and have a three person maximum per tour but we can accommodate larger groups with multiple tours if necessary.

Where are you located?

We are based at Torrance Airport in the south Bay, an ideal starting place for a helicopter tour.

Are there any additional costs?

NO! There are no taxes, fuel surcharges or security fees.

Additional Information:

Two person minimum.

All times are from engine start to engine stop.

Tour routes may change due to weather or FAA restrictions.

Flight times are approximate.